Web based

It might sound like the most basic fact that WaiterAid is accessible from anywhere. And on all browsers. Well, without going into how it works at our competitors we just want to let you know that WaiterAid works on all computers. In any browser. Ok tru, you still need an internet connection.

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Customized and Personal

WaiterAid puts you in control, and you can make all the settigns you want. You can open and close days, add messages for every day if you wish, and you can manage availability online. Each facility sets their own settings so that it reflects the needs for your restaurant..

All platforms

WaiterAid being completely web based is not entirely true. We also have an app so that you can have easy access from your phone. It's simple, we bring you the tools you need to get the best from your reservations.

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Mobile website

We build for you

Our site should always have the sign "Under construction" as we are constantly making it better, with more features and functionality. Our customers come in with nes ideas all the time, and we bring the to life. We think it's best that way. And the restaurants seem to think that as well, as new ones keep coming to us.

Your own design

For a long time we have believed it be important that the booking widget looks the same where ever you might find it. But not all restaurnts have agreed. Our booking widget might not fit the design of the new web site. This is no longer a problem. You can now customize the design completely and make the widget look exactly the way you want.

Egen design

Price model

This is our idea. Small restarunts can't afford an expensive system. And big restaruants don't want to pay a whole lot either. So we set a dirt cheap entry cost and then we set a limit so that it would never get expensive. WaiterAid starts at $99/month and never costs more than $350/month. Welcome.

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